About us

Sylvia Laks is a life artist, she has been drawing since her infant years. Her professional career started designing fine clothes. In 1986 she began working with stained glass, and her interests quickly turned to painting a la grisaille, working to revive this largely forgotten technique. Sylvia draws on her immediate natural and social environment for inspiration who is one of a handful of people in the world who have mastered the skill. The perfection of Sylvia’s technique combined with her artistic versatility and her subtle command of subjects have turned her into a true master.

The Studio

Sylvia’s studio in the mountains of San Rafael de Heredia in peaceful Costa Rica employs highly trained craftsmen and craftswomen.

Sylvia’s studio and workshop is located in the mountains of Heredia, in peaceful Costa Rica. In the tradition of great European workshops and with her husband Enrique’s support they have assembled a team of fine stained glass artisans working under the artist’s direct supervision.

The studio has had a great impact on the local community. Most workers were formerly farmers and ranchers that became skilled technicians in the stained glass trade. These expert craftspeople have taken their newfound skills and pride into their homes and community, creating an environment of artistic inspiration for the mostly rural town.

Contact us

You can reach us at   info@sylvialaks.com. Or call us to phone (506) 2267-6350, extensions 109 & 110.